Improve efficiencies, lift revenue and transform outcomes for patients.

Our secure messaging service underpins all collaboration on the SignappsTM platform.

The SignappsTM platform puts the patient at the centre of the collaborative process.

Our customers are

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General and Specialist
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Managed Care

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Our communication solutions are modular

and geared to add value to a broad range of providers from individual practitioners working in a loosely coupled team to large enterprises operating in highly structured environments.
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Increase Operating Efficiencies

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Enhance workflows and reduce manual data capture
  • Digitise forms data using our dynamic forms builder
  • Map workflows for data generated on SignappsTM
  • Integrate SignappsTM data feeds into other systems
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Improve visibility and care team communication
  • Get realtime visibility into communication streams between members of your care team.
  • Enable members of your care team to coordinate care from any location

Create Revenue Lift and Improve Patient Satisfaction

  • Streamline your referral and feedback processes for referring health care professionals
  • Engage and retain your customers by keeping patients and families in the know and connected to your care team
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Stay Compliant@2X

Stay compliant with Data Privacy regulation

  • Stay compliant with Data Privacy regulation
  • Use SignappsTM as a record for Medico-legal purposes

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“The SignappsTM App is exceptionally useful in the care coordination process, effectively uniting members as a team on this platform. Its real time nature is providing us with a tool to improve the quality of care of our patients, assists with improving workflow efficiencies and saves a huge amount of time.”

Dr Margie Venter / Specialist Oncologist Palliative Care

"We have started using SignappsTM for all messaging regarding patient data/care in my team ... it was an easy and effortless transition. The app is VERY user friendly"

Dr Nikki Allorto / Specialist Surgeon and
Past President of the Burns Association of South Africa