SignappsTM Care
is a suite of modular products that includes:

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SignappsTM Care

Our communication solutions are modular and geared to add value to a broad range of providers from individuals to large enterprises.

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SignappsTM Messenger

SignappsTM Messenger is a secure messenger that enables patient centric conversations between teams using SignappsTM Patient Threads

SignappsTM Messenger allows your organisation to manage logistical and administrative communication, patient episodes and teams using a messaging paradigm that is simple to understand and easily adopted by your teams

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SignappsTM Forms

SignappsTM created SignappsTM Forms to address the need to bring structure to data shared between teams.

The SignappsTM Forms builder enables you to build your own custom forms and mobilise these forms to individuals, teams and patient groups.

SignappsTM Forms data can be gathered, discussed and manipulated from a secure cloud based repository.

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SignappsTM Storage

SignappsTM provides our customers with the option to securely store archived data for a period of your choice.